Practical Tips for Newbies from a Seasoned DealDash Bidder

When I started bidding on DealDash almost two years ago, I’d have given anything to have had someone help walk me through the process and give me helpful tips on bidding and winning. Now that I feel I’m a confident—and winning—bidder, I’d love to be able to pass some of that hard-earned wisdom and experience on to the newest DealDash bidders.

Anything worth learning takes time. Think of anything you’ve ever had to learn in your life and recall that at first it was a little intimidating but eventually you got the hang of it through patience, practice and mastering skills. The same is true for DealDash. Don’t go into it thinking you’re automatically going to win everything you want when you want.

Setting your own limits. Only spend what you are comfortable losing. Just like lottery tickets, you wouldn’t go in the store and buy 1,000 scratch-off tickets knowing you have to pay the rent. And just like lottery tickets, bidding in an auction is a similar gamble—you know you have a shot of winning by buying a ticket, but also know there’s a chance you won’t come out with a win.

Try off peak days and times. Try different days of the week and times of day to increase your odds of winning. It only makes sense that the fewer people in the auctions, the better your chances of winning. This strategy is a biggie. Give it a try.

Put a lot of eggs in your basket. Put a larger number of bids among two auctions rather than a smaller number of bids over several.  Again, by comparison, this would be like going to a penny social and having 100 tickets. If you really want to win a particular item, you would increase your chances by putting 50 tickets each in two buckets rather than 10 bids each over ten.

Start small and work your way up. Start with smaller items first. Larger, more expensive items often have dozens to hundreds of bidders involved. Gain skill and confidence by bidding on and winning smaller items before moving on to larger ones.

Bid on items you would buy. Bid on items you would use the Buy it Now option on. For example, one of the best items to bid on is gift cards. Let’s say you’re bidding on a $10 merchant gift card and you haven’t won after a certain number of bids. You can buy the item at the retail value ($10) and get all your bids back! It’s true! Using the Buy it Now function is a great option especially for items you plan to purchase anyway.

Taking chances nets unexpected results. Take a chance every once and a while.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have randomly placed a handful of bids on random items I never thought I could win and unexpectedly won them! I’ve won $300 and $400 items with just one bid each by taking a chance. You’ll never know unless you try!

You’re heard of Bid Buddy, right? Using Bid Buddy takes the worry out of placing bids if you get distracted. Setting your Bid Buddy ensures your bids will be placed for you and if you’re strict on your budgeting, you’ll only use what you choose to.

When in doubt, ask. DealDash has the best Customer Support team I’ve ever dealt with. They are simply amazing and will answer any question you might have. Feel free to reach out to them for a quick response.

Remember, you can find more Tips & Tricks by clicking the Help tab and then looking for the Tips & Tricks section on the left. You can also read our customer-written blogs (like this one!) and check DealDash out on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great DealDash day!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.