Phenomenal Deals on DealDash Under $1!

Whoa! So you’ve heard about the deals people get on penny auctions, right!?
But have you actually seen these recent deals on DealDash – all of these items have sold this week for LESS than $1!? That’s seriously PHENOMENAL in terms of savings!
That means that if the auctions ended for $1.00 – only 100 bids were received and if the auctions were won with discounted bids say bids costing $0.17 each only $17 in bids would have been placed by all bidders. That means the winning bidder had to have spent less than $8.50 on the auction in bids alone, if that!
Take a look at these winning auctions and look at the end prices and the MSRP prices. AMAZING deals have been had by these bidders!
Keter Folding Work Table – Buy it Now Price on DealDash is valued at $98!!! Ending bid price: $0.55! 55 cents! 55 bids  = a stupendous deal by the winning bidder.
handheld steam cleanerThis Haan AllPro HS20R Handheld Steam Cleaner sold for even less! Valued at a buy it now price of $88 it sold for just $0.43!
Wouldn’t you want to be able to floss your teeth with a state-of-the-art Waterpik ultra water flosser? Valued at $67 for just $0.51 it was won by aricster this week. Wow! waterpik
Perfect for a beach holiday – this 12 MP Waterproof digital camera has a buy it now price of $67 but it recently sold for just $0.64. 

waterproof camera
Angry Birds comforter is perfect for the Angry Birds Fan! Have you ever seen a deal like this on a new bed set? $0.03! And it’s valued at a buy it now price of $42. The deals are there, you just have to bid! Look at the ended auctions under Winners to see more of these amazing deals won recently by penny auction bidders on DealDash.
angry brids
This $25 Buca di Beppo gift card was won by Goldstar48 for just $0.65- Whoa you can’t even get a breadstick for as low as $0.65!! Amazing deals on DealDash – you just have to bid to win!
Icky germs are all over the place, especially in the wintertime. This Infantino Plenty Shopping Cart Cover sold for $0.02 – with a buy it now price of $32! Perfect to protect your baby from a cold, germy shopping carts.
infantino plenty shopping cart cover
buca de beppo