Great Deals Under $1 on DealDash

Check out these awesome deals that were won recently by DealDash bidders for under $1!

  • Rachael Ray serveware set valued at $77 ended for $0.35.
  • Brother 20-Stitch Sewing Machine valued at $69 sold for $0.12
  • Cat Chow Purina Naturals cat food valued at $21 went for $0.56
  • Hamilton Beach 4-Slice Cool Touch Toasted sold for $0.49 – valued at $49
  • 24 pack of Duracell batteries sold for $0.84, valued at $24
  • Ultrasonic Drop Shape Humidifier sold for $0.19 and it’s valued at $57

dealdash-endedAs you can see DealDash sells a variety of items, items for your home, items for your pets, men, women, children! Great gifts are even better when you save money on them!
Save money by using these bidding tips on DealDash
1. Bid with Bid Buddy!
When you’re bidding with the bid button and waiting until the last 2-1 second of the auction timer you could lose. Bid buddy bids for you and gets your bid in every time before it hits 0. It’s easier to trust the bid buddy than to miss the bid button when you’re watching an item.
2. Bid before it’s too late.
Ok, so this one may seem obvious. Ever notice an auction that you really want to bid on but when you try to bid it says it’s closed to new bidders? This is because DealDash has a feature called “No Jumper” on every single auction. Once an auction price hits $5.00 (sometimes less depending on the promotion. Like right now DealDash’s no jumper auctions are set to $3.00, so once 300 bids are received the auction is restricted to bidders who have bid in the last 300 bids.
3. Buy it Now!
Buy it Now – so you want the item you are bidding on but you don’t win (this often happens) you won’t win every item you bid on, really – unless you really have deep pockets and get lucky it’s really hard to predict winning. So – after you bid and spend money bidding and you don’t win, how can you recoup your bidding costs? You can use “buy it now” when you buy an item you pay the stated price on the auction bidding area and you will get all of the bids you placed back into your bidding account so you can try to win next time.
How do you bid to win on DealDash?