Rest Better (Literally!) With These Deals

DealDash not only sells laptops, smartphones, iPhones, with the iPhone 6 coming soon! DealDash also sells tons of great stuff for your home and comfort. There are great items for an home office, kitchen, dining room and even the backyard, but what about your bedroom? DealDash offers penny auctions on the following bedding items and furniture and more on their website. You could save money by winning the following items for your bedroom or a guest bedroom at a fraction of the cost of going to a department store or even online at retail prices. Check out what’s coming up soon in the Home & Office category for your bedroom:
memory foamA Memory Foam Contour Pillow by Sleep Innovations boasts, “Built with high quality viscoelastic foam, this pillow features millions of microscopic memory cells that enable it temper and disperse high pressure points creating an environment of even relaxed comfort that will help you get a solid night’s sleep. And while you rest, this Sleep Innovations Pillow works to bring both your head and neck into proper alignment with your spine, helping to sooth built-up tension and relieve painful, overworked muscles while all but eliminating waking up with a stiff neck.”

remedy memory foam pillow deals
mizone santorini bed setDealDash offers beautiful bedroom sets complete with Mizone Santorini 4pcs Comforter Set (Teal/White Full/Queen) Santorini is a white/teal and black set. Great for all ages. It’s more modern/contemporary and would be perfect for a teenage girl or college dorm dweller. mediterranean sleepow cushioThis item is a bit different. Have you ever seen a cushion with a built-in mp3 player?
Check out the description on this one: “Sleepow is an innovative product developed for sleep-deprived consumers searching for new solutions that promise to assist in achieving a better night’s sleep. Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation and insomnia greatly increase stress levels, shorten attention spans and negatively affect our mental and physical capacities. Even worse, thousands of people lose their lives each year as a result of exhaustion when driving or operating machinery. Researchers in the fields of psychoacoustics and neurophysiology have found that relaxing music, in particular binaural beats (two tones played at slightly different frequencies in each ear), can play an important role in reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation, ultimately leading to a restful night’s sleep. The Sleepow Music Pillow is the world’s first memory foam pillow with a fully-integrated stereo sound machine. The visco elastic memory foam pillow with a plush outer cover completely encases the high-quality speakers and componentry inside, rendering them completely undetectable. A small, unobtrusive control panel embedded in the side features volume and mode controls, a mini-USB port for recharging and uploading of mp3 files and an audio jack for total private listening with headphones. No wires, cables or portable media players are required to enjoy Sleepow. Just press one button and quickly drift off into a deep, relaxing slumber”
Now this bed is GORGEOUS! Love eco/natural looking furniture? This Home Styles Cabana Banana Queen Bed/Honey Oak Finish for a Buy it Now price of $847 can be won for even less if you’re the lucky bidder who wins it for less!
“Make your home healthier while helping the environment with this exciting and new eco-friendly furniture collection featuring frames and fabric made of 100% sustainable natural materials. Banana leaves are hand-woven to create eco-chic frames without all the harmful additives, ensuring better air quality for you and your family. Furniture legs are made of natural renewable wood. Cushion covers are medium-weight Cotton Twill in Ecru color.Cabana Banana Queen Bed features an all natural construction and honey oak Finish.”
DealDash also has auction deals on Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards – Plus, you can always find weekly newspaper inserts with coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond too!
Would you buy new furniture & bedding on DealDash? Remember – all items ship free and you can use buy it now if you don’t win!
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