Super Deals this Week on DealDash Won for Less than 10 Cents!

Wow!! Check out these amazing deals that were had n DealDash this past week!
A Celstron Travel telescope 400mm Refractor Telescope sold for only $0.03 – that’s just three bids and the winner, cherirandy, of course, placed just one to win! Incredible! The retail price /buy it now price is $94 for this scope.
telescope dealsThis CorningWare French White 17-Piece Bake & Serve set sells for a buy it now price of $87. It just ended on DealDash for a mere $0.02 – that’s just two bids!
corningware set
More awesome deals on dishes! Check out this Libbey Carrington 16pc Glassware set, it sold for just one penny! $0.01 – retails for $32 and shipping is free. Incredible! Figure bids cost $0.60 on DealDash and often less with promos, cheap!!
A toaster that cost less than a piece of toast? This Bella Dots 4 Slice Toaster in Red and silver sold for $0.09! The buy it now price is $57.
bella dots toaster
While these are all great deals you will also see some auctions on DealDash that end for much higher.
How does this whole bidding thing work anyway and what can you do to save?
Well, so when you see an item that says it ended for $0.09 – the winner didn’t just spend $0.09 to win the item (well, unless they had free bids they didn’t.)
Each bid costs money. So each time you place a bid you are spending money with hopes of winning an item with less bids. The least amount possible, as many of the above deals show most of those bidders only placed one bid so they didn’t have to spend much money to win any of those items. Awesome right? Right- but it doesn’t always happen. Some items can end for over $100! Not always does that happen, and when it does it means the auction has gone for hours!
You can take advantage of bid pack deals and get bids as low as $0.15 like today’s deal and maybe lower depending on the sale.
If you don’t win an item with your bids you can always buy the item and get your bids back to try again. This is DealDash’s buy it now.
You can also use bid buddy if you don’t want to sit and click every 10 seconds.
For more deals be sure to come back here daily for tips and tricks to winning on DealDash. Remember, be patient and have fun!