Tips to Rule the $3 No Jumper Promotion


Are you ready to rule the $3 No Jumper Promotion auctions today? Read on for some helpful tips to WIN, from DealDash.

Winning an auction during the $3 No Jumper Promotion can be a little tricky because there is so much competition, but you can end up with some amazing deals and bargains during this promotion. Read on for some tips, tricks, and ideas from DealDash on how to get some amazing deals during the $3 No Jumper Promotion.

Get Your Bids in Early

Are you familiar with the $3 No Jumper Promotion? This means that you need to place at least 1 bid before the auction price reaches $3. You have to get your bids in early because if you try to wait until the last minute you will be locked out. Many people are watching these auctions and are planning on trying to bid as close to $3 as they can to save their bids. However, not all of these people are going be able to get in. Some of these bidders are going to be locked out. So get your bids in early so you won’t be one of the unlucky bidders to be locked out!

Don’t Just Put ONE Bid In

One thing that you should keep in mind with the $3 No Jumper Promotion is – people often just put in a few bids to get in under the $3 limit, and then don’t return. Or, they might return too late after the auction has already ended at a low price. This is something that you need to keep in mind. Just because the promotion is $3 that doesn’t necessarily mean that the auction will even reach that amount before it’s over.

Use the BidBuddy, Always

It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular day or a special day like the $3 No Jumper Promotion – using the BidBuddy is a must to win. The BidBuddy is a great tool that DealDash gives (free of charge) to all bidders, that you can put in as many or as few bids as you like. You can cancel it or add more bids at any time. Your BidBuddy will alternate bidding with the other BidBuddies that are set until there are no more bids placed from BidBuddies or other bidders, and whoever has the last bid in before the clock runs out is the winner.

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