DealDash Tips: Become a Star Bidder


Do you have what it takes to become a star bidder on DealDash? Star bidders rule the auctions on DealDash!

Star bidders are on the rise on DealDash! What’s a star bidder? A star bidder is someone who knows all the tips and tricks to win the most auctions on DealDash. Power bidders win by bidding until they win – no matter what the cost; Star bidders use the information that they have been given here on DealDash Tips and also over on DealDash Blog and win the auctions by outsmarting the other bidders. Don’t waste your bids by competing with the power bidders, use your knowledge and be a star bidder instead! Here are some guidelines to follow if you want to win more auctions on DealDash.

  • Do your research. When you see something on the front page of DealDash are you just randomly throwing bids at it? That’s not a smart idea – it’s much better to do your research on an item when you see it on the front page of DealDash, it’s very likely that the same item will come around again in the next few days or weeks.


  • Use the “Alert Me” feature that DealDash provides. If you took my advice and did your research on an item before bidding, but don’t see it coming up in the next day or so, then be sure to hit the “Alert Me” button. The¬†“Alert Me” button should be right in front of you when you open up an auction’s page- it’s blue and in a black box that says “Coming soon.”


  • Only bid on items that you really want or need. Are you really going to buy that $14,000 massage chair if you don’t win? Probably not! However, if you bid on things that you actually need or were planning on buying anyway such as kitchen items, kid’s items, or maybe a new computer then you can feel safe and secure in “going all in” and bidding up to the BIN (Buy It Now) price. If you have bid up to the BIN price and haven’t won you can hit the “Buy It Now” button, and when you purchase the item you will receive all of your bids back as well as get free shipping on the item.


  • Make a DealDash budget for yourself. Speaking of “Buying It Now,” be sure that you have set up a budget for that particular item, or DealDash in general. Write down how much money per week, month, or paycheck that you can comfortably spend bidding on items at DealDash without hurting your wallet. When you stay within the budget that you have set for yourself, you will be much more confident and be able to BIN without fear of breaking your budget.


  • Keep an eye on your competition. Do you see the same few screen names over and over in the auctions that you enter? Try to keep track of their screen names, when they enter the auction, and when they leave the auction. That way you will be better prepared for future auctions when you see them again.

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article on how to win more auctions on DealDash. Use the information that is given here on  DealDash Tips and win! Make sure that you come back to DealDash Tips tomorrow, because some top secret information is going to be released!

Dealdash has hundreds of auctions per day, there’s a good chance you can be a winner. Go visit DealDash now. Be sure to check back here on DealDash Tips – I’ll be giving away some top secret information in the next couple of days. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!