New to DealDash? Read These Tips

New to Love the deals you see other bidders getting and want to learn how to win too?
Since you’re a brand new DealDash bidder be sure you bid on the newbie/beginner auctions on DealDash’s homepage. These auctions are usually for items of lesser value than the rest of the items on the auction, but the good thing is they will give you a feel for how bidding works, allow you to win easier since only new bidders can bid in these auctions, and let you use buy it now and see how long it takes for DealDash to send you your wins. Then, when you’re really ready to start bidding you can buy more bids and try out a few great features that may offer you a competitive bidding advantage in the auctions.
Once you buy bids and get acquainted with the process do what pros do to have a better shot at winning.
1. Use Bid Buddy! Sometimes bidding on auctions can take more time than you have, if this is the case be sure to try DealDash’s bidding buddy. Bid Buddy will let you bid as many bids as you want/can in an auction and will bid for you for as long as you’d like it to.
2. Make a bidding status message. Input something about yourself, something to give your user character and perhaps even a competitive advantage (without breaking rules and being a bully.)
3. Try bidding at different times. Bid on DealDash at different times during the day and if you are up at night. Bid early, bid late, bid whenever, you may just win! What would you like to win on DealDash? Do you have any questions about the bidding process? Let us know here!
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