8 DealDash Tips to Get You from Barely Walking to Marathon Winner

runnersA marathon is like a penny auction, with its ups and downs, but once you’ve won one, you can win again! 🙂
Remember – you have to learn how to walk before you can run. These 8 tips will help you out if you are a new bidder on DealDash and don’t know where to begin.
1. Bid Before the Auction is on Lock Down
Meaning when it has a lock on it and it says “No Jumper” (Click here for DealDash’s No Jumper Auctions Explained) the auction has already reached the $3 mark and no new bids will be accepted.
2. Know your competition.
Keep an eye on the auctions on a frequent basis. Get to know your opponents. Look them up on AllPennyAuctions.com. Place your bid in early, watch the auction and keep watching it. Watch and see when there are less bidders bidding, preferably just 2 of the same. Then start bidding again. Eventually one of the two will back down, then it will be whoever can bid the longest. Since you have just started bidding you may have a competitive advantage.
3. Use Bid Buddy
Bid Buddy is a great tool to use. It helps you to conserve bids and to not miss out if you miss the bid button.
4. Have a Game Plan Ahead of Bidding
Always have a plan ahead of starting to bid. Do not get distracted by bidder bios that tell you they will never stop. It’s a ploy to scare you so they win easier. Really, it may not work, but it does sometimes.
5. Watch the auction closely
Again, this cannot be stressed enough! Do not get distracted because you can easily let anyone else win when you stop bidding when you meant to get your bid in.
6. Bid Early & Bid Late
The competition may not be as fierce early in the morning or late at night. Take advantage of this. Be an early bird, or become a night owl and try your hand at bidding.
7. Use Buy it Now 
If you wanted the item, didn’t win it and lost a ton of bids, you can just buy the item and get your bids back. Just make sure you purchase it within 7 days of the auction end date. Learn more about DealDash’s Buy it Now. 
8. Keep Your Eye on the Prize
Again, and again, just stay focused!
“This is for the new bidders, before bidding on your first auction, watch a couple first to learn how it works and get a feel for the whole auction process in general. Then when you feel confident enough, place your first bid and remember to stick with one auction, don’t go placing bids on many different auctions as you will lose tons of bid very quickly. Patience is a key word in the auction world and if you practice this you will find it will pay off in the long run.” -lakergirl1