DealDash: Bid on THIS not THAT


Don’t bid on just anything on DealDash. Follow this quick DealDash Tips guide to choosing what to bid on.

Now, as a big fan of DealDash, you might think that I would advise you to bid on just any random thing on DealDash. However, that’s not the case at all. There are many wonderful things to bid on, but there are some things that are probably just not right for your life that you should avoid. Let’s take a quick look at my “choosing auctions” guide.

Do You Really Need That?

When you’re browsing through the auctions it might be tempting to bid on anything and everything that you find appealing. However, this can be very expensive, and if you are hopping from auction to auction, not very successful. If you are looking for something to bid on, why bother bidding on something that you’ve won 3 times before, such as a phone case or the same pair of earrings? If you have some bids burning a hole in your pocket, why not bid on something that you know that you will use, like a gift card?

You Can Never Go Wrong With a Gift Card

As I mentioned above, you can never go wrong with a gift card! If you have bids saved up and nothing to do with them, why not try for a gift card? You might not win, but you can always pay the face value of the card and get all of your bids back. That’s the great thing about DealDash, they only charge face value for gift cards, and you get free shipping. That makes them an even better deal than purchasing them online from the store that they’re from – because the other stores charge shipping.

Skip the In-Season Stuff

If it’s winter, I don’t suggest that you bid on a snow shovel, snow blower, or other cold-weather items. Seasonal items are in top demand, and it will be quite a battle to end up with them. It makes a lot more sense to bid on out of season items because there is less competition. If you think ahead to the next season, then you will be able to get much better deals. Think about it, how many people want to bid on a swimming pool in November?

Make Sure it Fits

Bidding on clothing can get you a super deal. However, you need to look closely at what sizes you are bidding on before you give it a shot. I mistakenly bid on (and won!) a size small sweater. I am definitely not a size small! I thought perhaps I would be able to exchange it for a large, but when I contacted customer service they said it wasn’t possible. They only have a certain number of each size, and the larges were already spoken for. It was my mistake, though, so I will just save it for Christmas and give it to my sister-in-law, who can wear a size small. If you aren’t sure of the sizing, I would suggest not bidding on the item. Wait until an item that you are sure will fit comes up for auction.

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