Mistakes New Shoppers Make on DealDash

I have been shopping on DealDash.com since Feb. 8, 2012 and won 756 auctions. I’m sure others have won more auctions than me, but I am a seasoned player and I learned several lessons. One thing I learned is how to avoid making mistakes. Below is a list of some of the most common mistakes many new players make:

  • Bidding on too many auctions at the same time. I know it’s exciting to shop on DealDash, but it is probably a good idea to start out slow until you have gained a little more shopping experience.
  • Not finding and using BidBuddy, the automated bidder. It’s a big mistake to start bidding from the home page. Double click on the auction you want to win and place your bids into BidBuddy because it will save your bids and not use them until they are needed to win.
  • Not being familiar with the screen names of other players. Therefore, not yet being able to identify the power bidders that experienced players try not to compete with in the same auctions.
  • Bidding in high-dollar auctions. New DealDash shoppers might happen to be in the right auction at the right time and beat all odds by winning. However, most of the time, experienced players will most likely win the high-dollar auctions because they know what it takes to win them.
  • Not finding and using the winners list. We can learn who the power-bidders are by frequently checking the winners list.


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