DealDash: New Rules, New Strategy

DealDash has listened to the players and has introduced a new Winning Limit.  In the past you were able to win 9 prizes a week, nine wins and you were done until the next week.  This was a fair way to keep the playing field fair for everyone.  Lately, there has been some players who wish to have the winning limits lifted and DealDash listened.

Now you may win as many items as you can, but you may only win each item once in a week. So when you win an item, a little “trophy” will appear in the upper right hand corner of the  auction on the main page, this will indicate that you won it, and you will not be able to bid on it.  That’s ok, there are hundreds of other items to bid on. This system will make it easier for players to win, especially the big ticket items.

In the past “Power Bidders” dominated the upper value items, now once they win it, they too, must move on.  So, the new strategy for us “Regular Bidders” is to keep a close eye on the “Winners List”.  I’m going to keep a list of the winners.  I like lists.  You can go back about 24 hours on the Winner’s List provided by DealDash and this will be a good way to stay on top of who’s winning, but if you want to keep track of a longer list for a specific item, use the Winner’s List to compile your research.

Next, use the list of winners in the auction itself.  If you click on any auction and open it there is a list of who won it, what they paid and the date they won it.  It is a convenient and quick way to see who is out of the pool of players, the longer the list of “Power Bidders” on the list the better your chances of winning.

Who are the “Power Bidders?” Well, that is something that takes time on the site to figure out.  I can’t name names here, but it doesn’t take long to figure out who they are.  Tip: Go to the highest value items for sale on the site, most of the players in those auctions consider themselves power bidders.  Now, watch these auctions for a couple of day, (yes, some auctions take days to win) and keep track of the people who come and go, and come and go from these auction.  The ones who are most persistent are going to spend the BIN amount of bids to win.

What is BIN? Binning or “Buy It Now” is a policy DealDash offers to players who try to win an item, but are unsuccessful.  You may then purchase the item any time during the auction or for up to week after and DealDash will return the bids used to your account.  Once you purchase an item you will not be able to bid on it.  To “BIN” an item is to spend the value of the item in bids. For example, if the item is valued at $300.00, the BIN number of bids are as follows; price of the item, divided by the cost of bids (aprox. .15) equals bids to BIN. $300./.15 cents =2000 bids.

These are a few tips which can give you some insight into the new game at DealDash. It’s been a wild month here with the new rule, but as I master it, I will continue to write all my tips and secrets here.  If you play better, we all win more.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!