Surprising Tips to Win DealDash Auctions


You might be surprised at how many different strategies there are to win DealDash auctions. Here are just a few.

No matter if you’ve been bidding on DealDash for a while or are a total newbie, everyone uses their own bidding strategy on DealDash. You might have refined your bidding strategy over the years, or maybe you are just learning how to refine your strategy now. There are lots of little things that you can do that can lead to a win. Remember, every little tips can lead to success. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Odd-Numbered Bidding

Think about it carefully. When you are putting numbers into your BidBuddy, are you putting in a number such as 100 or 200? And just how many other people do you think are doing the exact same thing? If there are 10 people entering the auction, and each person puts in 100 bids, the person who added their bids last will win. This is simply how it works. However, what if you just aren’t able to be there right when the auction begins? This might be the very reason that you are using the BidBuddy in the first place. Therefore, putting in a few extra bids might be a smart move. Just think, if the 9 other people put in 100 bids and you put in 105, you’re the winner! This is an easy way to get a little edge on the competition.

Bid on Full-Priced Days

Many bidders wait until DealDash is having a sale such as “Free” or “Half Price” auction days to bid. These promotions can get you a great deal monetarily if you win, but the competition is usually much stiffer on these days. So even though it seems counter-intuitive to get a deal, you might want to consider skipping the sales and bidding on full-priced auction days.

Give an Unpopular Item a Chance

Have you noticed that there are just some items on DealDash that consistently go for under a dollar or so? This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad item, there could be a few reasons why it ends for a relatively low price. For example, it could be an uncommon size, or a seasonal item in the wrong season. Or, everyone who was really interested in the item could have already won the item. There are lots of reasons, and if it’s an item that you think is interesting, give it a shot!

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Bidding DealDash can take a little practice, but you’ll be very happy that you took the time to read these tips and try them out. Share these tips with other DealDash bidders and use them yourself.

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