BidBuddy: Your Best Buddy on DealDash!

Newbies often do not know how to find BidBuddy, the automated bidder, on Therefore, as new players, many of us started out by placing single bids on the home page simply because we did not know any better.

Experienced players know that two of the most important things for new DealDash shoppers to learn are: 1) How to find BidBuddy and 2) How to use BidBuddy, your new best buddy!

How to Find BidBuddy

Sign-in to the home page of Locate an auction you want to win. Double-click on that auction. A new window will open. That’s where you will find BidBuddy. We are free to place as many bids as we want in the blank space provided, as long as we do not go over the number of bids remaining in our account.

That’s also where we can count the number of players who are competing to win the same auction. Many of the players who place one bid will go away and never return. The players we need to be most concerned about are the serious shoppers who placed more than one bid.

Let’s say one shopper placed 24 bids, another shopper placed 31 bids and a third player placed 33 bids into the automated bidder. BidBuddy will take turns placing bids, one at a time, for each one of the three players. The player who placed the most bids into BidBuddy will end up having the last bid and will win the auction.

Why Use BidBuddy

Perhaps the best reason to use BidBuddy is to save bids. A Newbie could place 100 bids from the home page and we could have only 10 bids in BidBuddy and still win. Do you know why?  In short, our bids are protected in BidBuddy and will only be used when and if needed. Most shoppers placing bids from the home page do not even know we are there. As long as they continue to cut the clock, they will never know we are there until they run out of bids and let the clock run down to zero. Then, and only then, will our bids kick in.

Bottom Line: Nearly all winners use BidBuddy because it saves bids and time.




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