Lose Money Bidding on Penny Auctions?

buy it nowHave you lost money bidding on a penny auction site and walked away upset and very frustrated? The CEO of DealDash had the very same experience, in fact that’s why he set out to create DealDash.
“I lost $50 and had nothing to show for it.
This happened to me a few years back when I was bidding on a penny auction website, I still remember feeling so let down. I started doing some research about penny auctions and it turned out I wasn’t alone.
Everyone thought that bidding is a lot of fun, but nobody enjoyed losing their money. That’s why we set out to create a different experience…
A fair and honest alternative where if you didn’t win the auction you would always have the option to get the item you wanted at a great price and get all your bid credits refunded back to you for free.
We called that idea the Buy it Now and it took root with shoppers across America, and became DealDash.
-William Wolfram, Founder and CEO of DealDash.
DealDash’s Buy it Now is among the best in the penny auction industry and items are priced fair-at market price. Whether or not you bid and win an item or buy it with “buy it now” you will still get the same quality item and shipped for free. The buy it now model that DealDash employs is on every single auction and you are able to either 1.) win an item. 2.) if you don’t win all you do is buy it now and you will get 100% of the bids you placed in the auction back into your account to try and win another item you like next time!

DealDash lets you buy it now!

If you didn’t win the auction for the $115 KitchenAid 12-Cup Coffeemaker and if you decide you would like all of the bids you placed back and you really want to make up to 12 cups of coffee, for up to 7 days from the time the auction ends DealDash will let you buy the item and get all of the bids you used bidding back in your account instantly!

DealDash makes it super easy to do too: All you have to do is click “Buy it now” and follow the instructions to buy it now. You will pay no shipping fees and receive the item fast!

DealDash’s “Buy it now” option makes this penny auction site one of the best penny auction sites on the net. 

Why Buy it Now? Learn more about buy it now in this post and be sure to come back daily to get more tips and learn more about DealDash!