How Buy It Now Can Be Your New Best Friend on DealDash

The Customer-Friendly Option of Buy It Now

When DealDash founder William Wolfram was 16 years old, he took part in a penny auction to win an Apple Mac Book. Not only did he soak a good deal of money into the auction, but he also lost that auction to someone else. Through that frustration, a desire to do things a better way—and DealDash—was born.


One of Wolfram’s key components to offering a fair and enjoyable auction site for its customers centered around Wolfram’s addition of a Buy It Now option, which allows customers who lose an auction to earn every single bid they placed in that auction back when they use the Buy It Now to purchase the item at the stated retail price.


Example of How and Why to Use Buy It Now

Kelly is in the marked for a toaster oven and finds one she really likes on DealDash. She bookmarks the auction and sets a reminder to take part when the auction is available. Kelly sets her Bid Buddy for 150 bids and checks in on her bids every now and then to see how she’s doing in the auction. When the auction ends, Kelly discovers someone else won the auction. It would seem the scenario is over for Kelly—her bids are gone and she did not win the auction. But DealDash offers another option—Buy It Now!  The toaster’s retail price on DealDash is $42 so Kelly presses the Buy It Now button, pays the $42 for the item and as a result of using the Buy It now option, Kelly now receives all 150 of the bids she placed in the toaster auction back into her account. It’s really a win-win!! Kelly gets the item she wants at a fair and comparable price and she gets the bids she used in that auction back in her account to bid on another auction.




Only Bid on Items You Really Want and Plan to Purchase Anyway

While this is sometimes a difficult rule to stick to on DealDash, it makes life easier when you consider the Buy It Now option. Bidding on items you really want are prepared to purchase anyway make the Buy it Now option a great backup plan.


Consider Prices and Value When Using Buy It Now

Consider the retail price of the items you bid on and the number of bids you place on them before using Buy It Now.  Is the item available to you locally? If not, this creates a great value as many of the items on DealDash are unique and not easily found at local stores.


Gift Cards are a No-Lose Option With Buy It Now

Bidding on gift cards on DealDash can be one of the best and most rewarding wins available on the site. Gift cards are great gifts no matter what the occasion—from birthdays to Christmas—and always offer a “no lose” value when using Buy It Now.  The great thing about gift cards is that you pay the value that’s on the card. If it’s a $10 gift card, you pay $10. There are no added fees—not even for shipping! So any time a customer bids on a gift card and does not win it, the Buy It Now offers the gift card for the face value and the amount you would have paid anyway. The bonus is getting those bids back!


Where to find the Buy It Now Buttons


  • Under the yellow Bid Now button on the auction square on the main page
  • The white bar under the Book a Bid Buddy section within the individual item description
  • Click on My Dashboard at the top right of the main page and look for the blue button to the right of any item you’ve bid on to Buy It Now


Here’s hoping you check out your Buy It Now Options and get back in the auctions with bids back when you Buy It Now.


This sponsored blog post was written by DealDash Customer Theresa B. in exchange for free bids.