Don't Take Bidding on Penny Auctions TOO Seriously!

5285266670_ed920ccedd_zEveryone wants to bid on DealDash because they want to win, right? But will you always win? Of course not, but you must approach it, just as you must approach everything you do as if you are a winner. You will not always win on DealDash, or on any penny auction site. It’s not always about being the highest bidder, or having the most money to win the auction. To win penny auctions and in life you must be prepared to succeed!

Know the game and play it better than everyone else. 

1. There are unspoken rules, at least some people think there are. There are bidders who will “bully” other bidders, and it’s not really bullying, they just want to win as much as you do. But they will update their status messages with intimidating words like, I will never stop bidding, and I bid until I buy it now! Don’t be discouraged, just get wise to what they do. If you can’t beat them join them! BUT do note, DealDash states not to post your bid amounts or be intimidating. This won’t stop some people from intimidating with their usernames. And does it scare people? Sometimes! Sometimes it doesn’t and other times it just makes other people bid more!
Does intimidation work? Sometimes. 
If your name is INEVEREVERSTOPEVERUNTILYOUAREALLBROKE-EVER!, will you ever stop or do you really bid thousands of bids until you actually win (Or miss the bid button!?) So is it worth it? That’s for you to decide, BUT remember DealDash offers buy it now on all of their items. So,  if you don’t win (and note: if you do stop bidding to buy it – the bidding history isn’t even displayed that far so maybe no one will even realize that you dropped out and used buy it now. You have to be smart. Some bidders will become powerbidders, but it can be hard to do on a highly populated site like DealDash, so be wise!
Intimidation, with names and words in your status message may work sometimes, but it all comes down to two things: 1. How many bidders are bidding. 2. How much money you are willing to spend before you win…. or hopefully don’t miss the bid button and lose!
2. Don’t take bidding TOO seriously!
Of course there are some bidders who will bid on every penny auction site they can get their computer to open, this doesn’t mean they will win everything but some win alot and some take the penny auction game VERY seriously.
Some serious bidders have turned penny auctions into a side job!
Because they sell their items on Craigslist and eBay and recoup any losses they are aiming to get and stay ahead. Of course, who isn’t?!
3. Bid Costs Add Up! Keep track. 
Bids across different penny auctions cost different. DealDash offers bids at a pretty low price point compared to other penny auctions – there are often bid pack sales with bids right now discounted to $0.16 – but your initial bid pack will cost $0.60 per bid.’s bids start at $0.90,  and bids are  $0.60.
Be sure to keep track of what you are spending. It’s easier to click bid than it is to make money, so keep track and be wise about your bidding behavior.
4. Be sure you know every feature a site offers and be sure to use them!
DealDash offers bid buddy – read how to use it and why you should!
DealDash also offers a buy-it-now where you buy the item for the price it’s worth and posted in the auction page, and get the bids you placed back into you account.
DealDash also offers bid promos! There are ways to earn free bids. Find out more!
What is your favorite feature on DealDash?
Have you been successful at winning on DealDash or any other penny auction site? Tell us about your experiences, we’d love to feature you here.
Photo Source: lanuiop – Flickr