Dyson Deals on DealDash

Need something to motivate your family members to clean? Get a Dyson, it’s the ultimate power tool of a vacuum cleaner and cleaning will be fun for everyone who uses one! Looking to save money on a new Dyson DealDash.com offers auctions for them!
Dyson Animal Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner has a buy it now of $491 – the winning bid price on a recently ended auction was only $38.06 – 3,806 bids placed by everyone in the auction. This is a one per user item so once a user wins it they can’t win it again.
dyson animal The Dyson DC47 Animal Canister Vacuum sold for $10.94 on DealDash and retails for $533. If you spend more than $500 in bids and don’t win, be sure to buy it, and get your bids back to try again on something else! You will be spending $1033 though to get the bids back and the animal vacuum shipped to you so keep that in mind if you decide to go all in on bids!dyson deal 3 The Dyson DC56 Hardfloor Cordless vacuum cleaner retails for $245 and sold for just under $15!dyson deal 2
hepa animal dyson deals
Check out this deal on the Dyson DC41 Animal HEPA Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner in rich royal purple. Buy it now price is $450 but the winner won it for just $43.54 + bids placed. Captures pet air and dirt from carpets and bare floors.

Read these tips from a DealDash Bidder:

“I have been on Deal Dash for over 1 year and have got lot of nice things. I am also a gift card queen. Over 250 in gift cards. I agree with all of these tips. My tip is use the bid buddy and load and forget. I also watch when the auctions are running really high. I seem to win a lot of my things is early morning and around 430-5 pm eastern time. Also, if I spend a lot of bids and don’t win but like the product, I will buy and Deal dash gives me back my bids I spent trying to win. A lot of bidders do not like people who just jump the bids up and don’t use the bid buddy. We are all here to win, so play nice and have a happy win and holidays!”-wvajan

DealDash Fair Auction Guarantee: DealDash guarantees that all bids made are 100% legitimate and that strict third-party audits are performed on the bidding platform to ensure and maintain complete integrity of the auctions. Employees and immediate family members of employees are not permitted to participate in any auctions run by DealDash.
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