Happy First Day of Summer: Get Out in Nature!

SAMSUNG CSCIt’s the first day of summer and summer doesn’t last long, so don’t let it pass you by! Stuck at home due to rain and can’t enjoy these first summer days? Take advantage of this time to bid on DealDash on items that will help you enjoy the summer when the sun comes out and the rain subsides.
One of my favorite things to do in the summer is hike!
Hiking Necessities:
Depending on where you are, you may want to bring bug spray to keep the pesky mosquitoes at bay.
Water bottle. Like this Contigo 24-Oz. AUTOSEAL Addison Water Bottle that just sold for $1.19 at DealDash. See more at: https://www.dealdash.com/battle.php?auction_id=2340992#sthash.ZcasOkWJ.dpuf
Good hiking shoes. I just love anything made by Solomon. Comfortable clothing: Nike DriFit is great! All of these items can be won on DealDash or purchased at Amazon.com with an Amazon gift card that you can win on DealDash!
A digital camera to take beautiful pictures like these waterfall & river pictures I took today with my Samsung NX30 Smart Camera.
DealDash offers penny auctions for this little camera that Samsung made to take on bulky dSLRs – find out when it’s available for auction at DealDash. What I love about it is the seamless ability to share photos over WiFi to Facebook and other social networks. Plus the photos are vivid and crisp and allows you to shoot high definition videos. The Samsung Nx30’s Retail value is $999 – get it cheaper by winning an auction. Another great camera for summer fun is the GoPro Hero 3 HD Video Camera. 
samsung nx30
Check out all of the camera and dSLR auction deals  on DealDash.
travel airhead kayak
Is all of this rain and flooding making it impossible to get across town? This is where the inflatable Airhead Travel Kayak would come in handy! Keep it in your car in the event of a summer rain storm, or use it on a sunny day kayaking down the river or in the lake.
The last auction for this kayak sold for just $0.32! That’s 32 cents – 32 bids by all bidders at say an average bid price of $0.17 a bid? Whoa do you know how cheap that is? This Kayak is originally $364. See – DealDash is the perfect place to score deals on tools for summer fun!
Are you a birdwatcher, like to look at the stars and moon at night? Check out these Celestron Astronomical Binoculars! The last pair sold on DealDash for just $1.12!
bird watching
DealDash bidders have been getting great deals on bicycles too!
This Schwinn 26-inch Meridian 3-wheel bike has a very vintage look and feel. The basket is perfect for a Saturday trip to the Farmer’s Market. The last one sold for just $1.65 on DealDash! 



Prefer two wheels and fast paced over a relaxing summer ride?  This Bike USA Titan Punisher All-Terrain Bicycle (26-inch) last sold for $0.45.
Whether you like to hike, bike or kayak as you can see there are tons of great deals to be had to fill your summer days with fun over at DealDash.com.
What do you like to do in the summer?