Tips to Protect Your DealDash Bids


As a DealDash bidder, it’s your job to protect your bids. Here are some tips from DealDash to help.

How do you go about protecting your bids? Simple! Try to save and conserve your bids at all costs. And how are you supposed to conserve and save your bids? There are many ways that you can go about doing this. Some are easy, some are less so, but all of them are able to be done by all bidders new and seasoned. Read on for more information, from DealDash.

Get Free Bids!

One of the best ways to conserve your bids is to get free bids to add to your bid collection. When you add free bids to your bid bank you can save your own bids that you paid your hard-earned money for and use free ones instead! If you’re not familiar with the ways that you can get free bids, read on…

  • Promo code 2017: FREEBIDSIf you haven’t yet purchased your first bid pack you can take advantage of this promotional code and get 100 free bids from DealDash. Simply put the code FREEBIDS in when you make your first bid pack purchase.

    This code can be used only once per customer and only once per household.

  • TATHB – Time As The Highest Bidder                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      As you’re bidding on DealDash your bid meter will start to fill up when you are the highest bidder in an auction. Once your bidding meter has been filled just click the button that is next to your bid meter. After that, your account will be credited with free bids right away.

Plan Out Your Purchases

Another way to protect your bids is to plot and plan out all of your DealDash purchases, whether they are won or BINned. BIN of course, means Buy It Now. Buying It Now means that if you don’t win an auction you purchase the auction for regular price and DealDash will give you back your bids. What better way is there to protect your bids than to get them back after you have spent them?

If you have planned out your purchase, you will have taken into account how many bids that you’ve spent, how much time you have gained on your bid meter, and how much you will need to spend to do a BIN on the auction that you’re in. This is why planning your purchases out is so important, it’s a way for you to know exactly how many bids that you have to spend and how many you will get back when you do a Buy It Now on DealDash.

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