Tips to Re-Do Your DealDash Bedroom


Do you love your bedroom? If not, it’s time to go to DealDash and re-do one of the most important rooms in the house.

The bedroom is one of the most used in the house – typically for around eight hours at a time, or more! If you don’t completely love your bedroom, then it’s time to make a change. How should you go about doing that? Let DealDash help, of course! Read on for more information.

Figure Out a Plan

What exactly do you not love about your bedroom? Maybe it’s the color of the walls or the carpet. Maybe it’s your bed or your sheets. Maybe it’s even your curtains. Once you have figured out what you would like to change, then the fun can begin. However, it can’t begin until you have figured out this first step.

If It’s the Walls

If your main complaint with your bedroom is the color of the walls, no problem. You can fix that in a few different ways. The first, and most obvious is painting them. You can completely re-do them or you could just paint one accent wall or even a border.

If you can’t paint, for whatever reason, then you can do this the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is stick-on wallpaper. This isn’t the wallpaper from the 1970’s, it’s just peel and stick – and then peel again when you want to take it off. It is the perfect solution for renters who want to change the entire color of a wall. I say that this is the hard way because it takes quite a bit of effort to peel and stick an entire wall, and you will most likely need a step-stool or ladder to reach the top of the wall.

The easier way is to do smaller wall decorations. Some people like to hang fabric tapestries, or you can always just hang up posters, picture frames, or artwork.

Changing up the walls will be easy with some help from DealDash. You can get a gift card for Lowes for the paint, or you can win yourself some art to cover smaller spaces. It’s up to you!

Maybe it’s Your Bed

Is it your bed that you’re not crazy about? A comfortable mattress is a must. A wise person once gave me some advice – Don’t cheap out on anything that goes between you and the ground, such as shoes or a good mattress. If a new mattress isn’t in the budget, then perhaps you could win yourself a lovely new mattress topper from DealDash.

If your mattress is good, but your sheets and blankets are bad, that’s extremely easy to fix. Simply bid on new bedding from DealDash! DealDash offers sheet sets in all sizes, down alternative comforters, and pillows.

Just Need a Little Decoration?

Maybe you almost love your bedroom, but it just needs a few little tweaks. No problem. DealDash has many different decorations you can win that will fix up your bedroom. Try a small indoor fountain, a candle, or even a new TV! Whatever you need, DealDash can provide.

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