Getting to Know All About DealDash!

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About DealDash!

It takes some time to get to know the DealDash site in detail, but it’s well worth it. Getting to know the competition should be paramount in your strategy.  Every player has a personality, and what I’ve seen, people don’t change.  Once you learn your competitions bidding style, you’ll know how to adjust your bidding to win. 

For example, you have been waiting for an item to come on the market, it’s a rare item and DealDash has these special items all the time, but often they are days apart.  My point is, you feel you have to bid in this auction, and this guy who you know to be a jumper has poked in a bid before $5.  You know he’s going to come back, but you bid anyway, run out of bids and he comes back and wins.  You knew he would come back, so a better idea would be to wait until he does come back and consider how long this person spends in an auction, are they the type who sticks it out? or do they come and go? I keep a DealDash journal, I am serious about winning!

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One exception to this strategy is if the field gets down to you and one or two other players, don’t leave, the jumper may not get lucky after all, but certainly if there are 7 or eight people in the auction wait until the jumper has jumped in. 

Just as there are people who jump in late, there are people who stay in from the beginning.  They are ones to watch too, they either, want to win for few bids or really, really want this item and have no plans of going anywhere.  Use the public profile comment to evaluate their intentions, and read between the lines, people often give away more information than they should! 

Another great resource is the Dashboard, don’t underestimate the information you can get here.  It is equally as important as knowing the other players.  You can use this information to your advantage to find out how many bids you’ve used on an item in the past.  The final price of the items and so much more information.  

Check the stats of the site when you want to get started.  Check the winner’s list so you know who won the big bid pack recently.  When using the winners list to examine the field, the lower the final sale price, the shorter the auction. This is important because if it was a long auction the winner may not be present, and that’s great if you want to get away from them.  Also, on the winners list you’ll see who is winning, you can click on a closed auction and see how many wins the player has, this give you an idea too, how long they may stick around.  

Planning is vital to success on DealDash.  You can’t play like a newbie forever, that is wasteful of your bids and your money.  Keep in mind, some people have deep pockets, I don’t think they care at all how much they spend on bids, as long as they win.  However, from what I can see most people are on some kind of a budget and one thing is for sure, you can’t win them all, it is statistically impossible. 

Know the competition so you can plan how to play in this particular auction.  And, get to know and use your Dashboard to your advantage. Stay up to the moment on the Winner’s list.  I have forgotten to do this one simple thing and didn’t notice someone won a 5000 bid pack and I spent hundreds of bids before I figured it out!  

These simple but important tasks make you a better player and a better player is a bigger winner.  You can’t come in stomp your way to a bunch of wins and then expect to maintain that kind of play, it was beginners luck.  It takes thought and planning to be successful.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!