Earn Free Bids Every Day on DealDash!

Who doesn’t love free bids? I know I LOVE free bids—especially on DealDash! Did you know you can earn up to 30 free bids a day just by placing one bid each day on DealDash? That’s right—free bids!!!


How it’s Done¡

Sign in each day and place at least bid on any auction and you’ll earn up to 30 free bids each time you do this. Bids are automatically added to your bid bank for you to use!


Why Bidding Every Day Nets You Big Bids

For the most bang for your bidding buck, sign in to place at least one bid daily. While you start out with a few free bids, you will quickly proceed to earning up to 30 free bids daily for bidding consecutive days. To keep earning 30 bids per day, you have to bid at least one bid per day. Skip a day, and it’s back to earning a few and working your way back up to 30 per day.


Conserving Bids to Build Your Bank

When I’ve been limited budget-wise to purchase bid packs, I’ve gone a couple of days to a week or more to save my 30 daily bids to build my bid bank. If you can limit bidding for a few days, those bids will quickly build. For example, saving 30 bids a day for a week will give you 210 free bids to use and that’s a pretty darned good deal!




Great Wins From Just One Bid

Placing just one bid can not only net you free bids but great wins! There have been several occasions where I have placed one random bid and won the auction because no one else bid on it! Why not use your one daily bid to take a chance and win big?


Questions? DealDash is Here for You!

Never hesitate to contact the Customer Support Team at DealDash if you have any questions about bidding or how to win your free daily bids. They will happily answer any questions you might have.

Good luck and happy bidding on DealDash!


This sponsored blog post was written by Theresa B., proud American, MMA fan, grandmother and ardent practitioner of sarcastic wit. Theresa was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.