DD Tips – Don’t Throw Away Those Bids!


Don’t throw away your DealDash bids! Here are some tips to make the most of your bids.

Do you have a healthy supply of bids in your bid bank? Even if you have thousands of bids, you still shouldn’t throw them away or waste them. Each bid typically costs between .13-.60, you should think about each and every bid before you decide to use it. Be frugal with your bids, use them on things that you really love, and plan ahead. Here are some tips from DealDash to help conserve your bids.

Earn Free Bids From DealDash

If your bid bank is low on bids, or even if it’s full of bids, you should still take advantage of DealDash‘s FREE bids. DealDash makes it easy for you to win and earn free bids. There is a FaceBook contest every week for the best photo the winner gets a free 1,000 bid pack!

Want to collect free bids by just visiting DealDash? Every consecutive day that you visit DealDash and place at least one bid you will be given free bids from 4 to 30. The more days in a row that you come bid the more free bids you will earn. You will earn more free bids every day until you have reached the maximum of 30 bids – after that, each day you come and place a bid on DealDash you will receive another 30 bids! This will go on until you miss a day. After that, you will start out at the bottom again and have to work your way back up.

BIN and BidBuddy, Your Partners in Winning

Don’t waste your bids – use your BidBuddy! If you’re not using your BidBuddy during DealDash then you’re wasting bids.  The BidBuddy will bid in turn with the other BidBuddies, and will never double bid or bid in the wrong order. Even when you are doing everything “right” including using the BidBuddy, you might not win. When you don’t win, the only way to not waste those bids that you used is to do a BIN.

Doing a BIN (Buy It Now) on DealDash means that if you don’t win an auction you can receive all of your bids back when you pay the retail price of the item. DealDash will return all of the bids you used on that item to you, and you can try again on a different auction. You will also even get free shipping on the item, and all items come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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