Thank Our Veterans & Bid for Less!

It’s time to give thanks to our veterans! The brave men and women who have fought for our freedoms and continue to! Tuesday, November 10 is Veteran’s Day, in honor of this holiday DealDash is offering bids on sale for $0.16 a piece!
DealDash sells tons of patriotic items, too!
What is DealDash and how does it work?
DealDash is a different kind of auction/shopping site. You pay to bid on items for a chance to win them at significantly less than retail!
You could get great deals and show your support to our troops!
Each auction  – as shown in this ended auction for a brand new Annin 6-Foot Estate Flag Pole Spinner Set is set up like an auction where there’s a final countdown clock, but on these auctions instead of ending at 1 -0 the clock can be reset by  new bidders. Each time a bid is placed the time is restarted in 10 second increments. This ended auction has an item value of $54 the last one sold on DealDash for $0.09 at auction! So only 9 bids were placed and the final bidder only paid for the bids placed. The final end price was waived by DealDash during a promotion for free auction wins!
annin 6 foot flag pole
Consider donating wins to for Troops for Christmas Gifts! You could easily donate by giving your wins/gifts or a monetary contribution to the following organizations:

Valley Forge 2.5’x4′ Banner United States Flag Buy it Now price: $36 -The last one sold for $0.39.
valley forge flag
Life-Size Airblown Ribbon God Bless America Prop – Place it in your yard and show you patriotism! Valued at $72.
old bless usa airblown
For more patriotic auctions, gift cards, tools, electronics and more be sure to check out!
Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served and continue to. We appreciate it.