Summer Fun for Less with DealDash Guide: Bid on Fly Fishing Trip Gear

fly fishing angus drummond

This stunning fly fishing photo was taken by famous fly fishing photographer Angus Drummond. Talk about a beautiful, relaxing summer trip!

Are you planning on going on a fishing trip this summer? If you love fishing I bet you dream all about the perfect fishing trip – the perfect catch, the perfect spot, the perfect rod & reel and just enjoying being outside near the water on a warm sunny day, or out on the ice in an ice house.

If you aren’t sure where to go on your next fishing trip here’s a great site offering a fishing trip guide. If you want to save money on equipment, but not sure where to go, our guide here will help!

fly fishing

Allow me to introduce you to fly fishing, if you’re not familiar, and a few ways to get great deals on Fly Fishing Gear!

Have you tried Fly Fishing? Fly Fishing is an angling method that involves the use of an artificial “fly” to be used to lure the fish after it’s cast using a fly rod. Fly fisherman use hand tied flies that resemble flies or worms or other food organisms. For some, tying flies is an art. Fly fishing is usually done to catch freshwater fish such as trout, salmon or steelhead and technique differs by habitat.

Want to give it a try? Fly fishing takes place in beautiful areas from Montana, to Wyoming, Washington, Utah and Alaska. By the way, the Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah looks like a great place to go fly fishing, one guest said: “

“The fishing is awesome–two rainbows, two brown trout and one cutthroat trout. All in one beautiful afternoon.” – Jo Cooper, Washington, DC”

Looking for a fly fishing kit to get started?

DealDash has  deals on a Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit  it’s not yet scheduled, so be sure to click this link to sign up to be notified of when the auction will start if you are interested!

From the kit’s description:

“Over 70 years of experience has produced tackle that’s better than tactics.
Pre-packaged combos make selecting the right equipment for getting started a snap eliminating the guesswork that can be so intimidating to a newcomer.
For anyone after a simple, well balanced fly combo, the Crystal River Series is just plain hard to beat.
These are serious combos that will more than hold their own against the most stubborn of fish.
Anglers with discerning tastes will be proud to walk down to the stream’s bank with this excellent Fly Fishing Combo Kit.”
Features include:

  • 8 foot 3 piece fly rod
  • #6/7 weight rod and reel
  • Emerald green E-glass blank
  • Eva foam grip
  • Graphite reel seat w/Stainless hoods
  • Aluminum oxide stripper guide
  • Graphite body
  • Right hand retrieve reel
  • Built-in hook keeper
  • Fly line
  • Tapered leader
  • Two flies
  • Instructions for tying five basic fishing knots and general fly fishing

fly fishing vestIf you’re fly fishing you will also need a fly fishing vest. This vest is the Steans Gram 3F Fly Fishing Vest is an inflatable lifejacket with pockets to hold your fly fishing gear. It’s valued at $215.03. If you’re interested in trying to get a deal on it be sure to click the “Alert Me” button on the item’s page.


Tired of your fishing rods getting all tangled up in the closet? You should check out this auction for a Rush Creek Fishing Rack on and be sure to get notify of when an auction for one will be live. The rack holds up to 6-rods and keeps them organized for when you’re ready to go out fishing again!

fishing rod rack

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