Protect Your DealDash Wins & Any Packages from Theft

theifOver the Holiday weekend I just found out a package I ordered online ($280 value) was left on my doorstep by the USPS. The package is nowhere to be found so I am guessing if it really was left at the right address, like the post office just told me, it was stolen. If you receive items that don’t require signatures, take heed.
How to protect your packages from theft:
1. Get a large mailbox – or a secure parcel box. In my case, I don’t have a large mailbox, just a mail slot. I didn’t think I have ever had packages robbed before, but now I’m thinking twice. If you have a large package mailbox the mail carrier can leave your packages inside it- less susceptible to theft as it’s not left in the open. There are some really nice architectural parcel boxes on Amazon, you can purchase one with an gift card if you win one on DealDash and save money!
stop fraud2. Contact the post office – tell them not to leave any packages only a slip that notifies you a package was left. Of course you will have to go to the post office to get your package, but it won’t be left out in the open to be robbed.
3. Going out of town? Also notify the post office. During holidays, like this past weekend, when  a lot of people go away for a few days, package and mail theft rises. Be sure you check your mail each day or have a trusted neighbor check it for you, or call the post office and let them know you will be gone for a few days so that they will hold your mail until you return.
4. Be sure to track your packages so that you will know when they will be delivered.
5. Set up a security camera by your doorstep. Ok, this may be a bit extreme, but I may set up a Belkin wireless camera and see if I can catch whoever is stealing packages if they come back next time.
Subject of mail/letter or package fraud?
If you think you have had your mail stolen be sure you first notify the retailer who sent you the item and then file a complaint with the USPS: Mail theft Under Inquiry Type, select Problem. Under Customer Service, select Support, and Mail Theft. Under Additional Information, explain why your complaint is mail theft-related.
What have you won and received lately from DealDash? How fast was the item you won and purchased shipped to you?