DealDash Top Tips Round-Up 4/13


Welcome to the latest April edition of DealDash Weekly Top Tips Round-Up! As we do weekly, we will round-up the top tips for you from the week before. Read on for many helpful tricks from DealDash Tips. You never know, you might learn something.

Welcome to the newest edition in the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up series for the month of April. In this helpful and fun weekly series, we highlight the most helpful tips from the week before. This series is all about DealDash knowledge for all bidders on DealDash. Read on for a recap of the best tips from last week, from the DealDash Tips Blog.

How Should I Bid? From the April 7th Blog

The theme of April 7th’s blog was all about ways that you might be bidding on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was to be sure that you are placing enough bids in the auctions you participate in on DealDash. There are many auctions that end with just a few bids being placed, but far more common are auctions that have more competition. Here is a great tip on placing bids from that blog:

“You’re not placing enough bids. If you are only placing a few bids in an auction and then moving on to the next one, that could be a big reason. If you see an auction that you really want to win, you should place more than a couple bids on it if you want to be triumphant.”

If you’d like to read that blog in its entirety, just click this link right here and you can check it out. There are lots of tips that you might find interesting in that article. Be sure to give it a read before you participate in any more auctions.

Check Out the New Electronics from the April 9th Blog

The blog on April 9th was a quick highlight of some of the new items available for auction on DealDash. If you haven’t checked out the Electronics & Computers category lately, you should! From the blog:

  • “Multi-region adaptor including cord. If you travel for business or plan on going on an overseas vacation this summer, then you’ll need a travel adaptor that can be used in multiple regions.

  • Twin USB Lightning cables. These cables are great for the newest Apple products and come with their own carrying case.

  • Phone cases for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you recently replaced your iPhone with one of the newer models, then you’ll want to get it a case. DealDash has you covered!”

If you’d like to see some of the other new items, just check out the whole article right here. 

Never Get Discouraged from the April 11th Blog

The blog on April 11th was a warning of a few different things that you should never do on DealDash. One of these things is getting discouraged. DealDash was made to be a fun experience. That’s why they call it “shopping entertainment”. Relax, think positively, and don’t get discouraged.

“Some days just aren’t the best for bidding, and if you feel yourself starting to get discouraged, then you should just stop for the day. Bidding on DealDash should be a fun experience, not a frustrating one. ”

Want to read the whole article? Just click here. There are a few more things that you might be doing that you don’t even realize you shouldn’t. It’s much better to be informed and be able to correct your mistakes. Read the article and be informed.


Thanks for Reading

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article with some top tips for April 13th helpful. Winning isn’t always easy, but by paying attention to these tips and getting some practice, you’ll be winning in no time! And remember, if you find yourself getting a little discouraged, just stop for the day. Take a break. You can come back the next day with a refreshed and positive attitude.

Remember to check the DD Tips blog daily, because you can never learn too much about DealDash or bidding. If you would like to read our other blog for helpful information, be sure to check out our other blog written by DealDash customers called Come back weekly to get the recap of each week’s top tips.

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