Share DealDash with your Family and Friends

Do you share with family and friends? If not, why not?

Whenever I discover something I really like, such as a great restaurant or see an outstanding movie, I always recommend it to my family and friends. Why not do the same with DealDash?

I played on other online shopping sites, but I keep coming back to DealDash for all the right reasons. It’s simply the best.

What to Share

Perhaps some DealDash fans might not share the good news with others because we do not always know what to say. Telling others about the many reasons we enjoy shopping on DealDash is a good place to start.

For example:

  • DealDash has the best automated bidder, BidBuddy. Other shopping sites often limit how many bids we can place in their automated bidder. Not DealDash. We can place as many bids as we want in BidBuddy. Having that flexibility is why I like it better than others. I also like BidBuddy because it is so easy to add or cancel bids.  In other words, it puts shoppers in the driver’s seat. We are in control and that’s always a good thing, right?
  • DealDash has been in business for about nine years, so it’s one of the longest running shopping sites of its kind.
  • DealDash always has free shipping and handling. That alone saves shoppers a lot of money.
  • DealDash has outstanding customer service.
  • DealDash has apps for mobile devices, so we can even play on the run.
  • If we do not win and BIN (Buy-It-Now) instead, DealDash gives back free of charge all the bids that we used in the auction. Then we can use those bids to win something else.

So go ahead. Share the good news of DealDash with all of your family members and friends. It’s easy.

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