DealDash Tips Will Last All Auction Long


Do you need something that will help you and last the whole auction long? Try these DealDash tips, they’ll get you through til the end.

DealDash auction are the best way to spend your weekend. If you feel like you need a little extra help getting through the auction, then you will want to be sure to read these DealDash tips. Pay attention, and you will be well on your way to being triumphant on DealDash.

Use Your Buddy

Thankfully, DealDash provides you a built-in auto-bidding tool in every auction. He is called the BidBuddy, and he will help you win auctions. If you are the sort of bidder who wants to participate in multiple auctions at once, then you will need to make use of the BidBuddy. You can easily set up the BidBuddy with as many bids as you would like, and you can set up as many different BidBuddies as you have bids. There is no limit to how many BidBuddies you can set up, and there are no limits to how many bids that you enter – other than you have to have them available in your bid bank to use.

Remember, This is Supposed to be Fun

Using DealDash is not supposed to be stressful or a chore – it’s supposed to be fun! I have seen some people get frustrated as they are bidding, but you have to remember that DealDash is shopping entertainment. If you find yourself getting frustrated, then just fill up your BidBuddy as we talked about above, and walk away. The purpose of DealDash is to make your shopping more fun, and if you’re not having fun then you’re better off trying again later.

Use BIN, Always Win

BIN means Buy It Now, and if you use it you will never lose any bids. The way that it works is very simple. If you find yourself in an auction that you will not win, then just hit the button that says “Buy It Now”, pay for the item, and DealDash will return all of the bids that you used on that auction to your bid bank. It’s a way to be sure that you will never run out of bids!

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