DealDash To Soon Offer Great Fashion: Makia Clothing Deals!

Makia Clothing company is a fresh, hip and sensible clothing brand created by a group of friends in Finland. As you may know, DealDash has offices in Finland and has been inspired to start offering clothing and other fashion items from Makia.
makiaWhat is Makia? 
“Easily approachable timeless clothing, reflecting the Nordic tradition of simple, straightforward design and are made to withstand the harsh northern climate.”
Makia is a clothing company for real men and women. This Spring/Summer collection features beer inspired clothing, designs sparked by the Makia team’s travels across many countries and tasting beer at a number of breweries.
Where else can you find button up dress shirts with bottle caps on them and hops printed sweatshirts?
Makia features sensible raglan jackets, shorts, quilted parkas, trousers, shirts, tank tops, shoes, belts, backpacks, caps and more.
Makia Clothing is sold throughout Europe, but I have a feeling once it hits the US it will become very popular here and we may even see it in malls. First we’ll see it in upcoming auctions on, an entertainment auction site founded on the idea of offering great items at low prices. One person in every auction will win and get an amazing deal! While not everyone who bids on a DealDash auction will win, if you don’t win you can use buy it now to get your bids back and keep the item you were bidding on.
Check out Makia Clothing at and we’ll let you know when DealDash starts offering it!
makia-clothingmakia3DealDash will soon be offering clothing and accessory items from Makia.
Here are a few things to know about bidding on DealDash if you want to save money and get great deals!

  • Buy bids when they’re on sale! DealDash sometimes offers bid pack deals with bid prices as low as $0.14 down from $0.60
  • Bid on beginner auctions first to get a feel for the site and how the auctions work!
  • Use “bid buddy” – DealDash’s automatic bidding program to save time and money, it bids for you!

Will you be bidding on Makia items to save money on the best fashion just in time for Spring and Summer?