If You Love BEER, You Need DealDash!

If You Love Beer, You Need DealDash! 

One of my favorite new items at DealDash is the Koolatron Mini Beer cooler with tap KEG!!! A Keg my friends! A Keg!!!!

OK, I love beer, this is so exciting to me!  DealDash has a new item for BEER!  BEER! ,BEER!!!! I love it, I tried to win it today, but someone else wanted it more than me! They won.  Really I won’t spend too many bids to overbid on an item, especially if it has to do with an intoxication substance. hahahah.  only kidding.  I just didn’t want to spend all my bids on it.  Sooooo, you think you might need a keg too?  Go to DD and find it in the future, hit the “Alert Me” button and DealDash will, not only tell you when it’s coming up for sale in a couple of days, but they will email you when it’s about to start…and they also email you when it just started.  They really, REALLY want you to win!

There are so many party items on DealDash you may have a hard time figuring out which to go for first.  There are Grills, not just one, two or three but many.  I personally find the Lodge brand to be the best quality, but that’s just me.  I own this grill, the weber and it’s lasted me over 10 years…I still use it all summer. 

Not only can you find thing for a fun summer party, but there are games to keep everyone busy.  I love it when the family comes, they all want to party and all I want to do is hang out with the children playing games, and if I do say so, beating the pants off them!  I love winning and that is probably why I love Deal Dash so much. I win a lot!  I have been playing DD  nearly two years and l have won over 280 prizes.  I love every one of them!  sure some are bid packs, but don’t go for them often as they are everyone’s favorite and I have found that it is a better bet to buy the bids and win the products.   

Once you are set up with your beer and grilling, it’s time to play some games! DealDash has them too!  It doesn’t matter if you like  baseball, hockey or any other sport, DealDash has you covered!

One of my all time favorite items I have won at DealDash was an item I won for only a few bids and that is the Bocce Ball set!  My family and I have had so much fun playing it, we love every nic we put on all the balls and everyone has their favorite color.  

right now and through the 8th of January you can get incredible deals at DealDash, first there are discounted bids.  If that is not enough, there are many new items, that is the fun part, I can’t tell you what they are, you just have to go look for yourself. 

I love DealDash so much I stay up at night thinking about all the bargains,  and then I wake up in the morning thinking of the deals.  There are so many deal to have!

I have recently redecorated my entire home and I am not done yet!  I will contintinue  to shop at DealDash, acquire amazing deals at great prices and when I am out in my yard in the Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, I can see DealDash in every corner of my yard and life.

It’s always a good day if I’m bidding!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.