Deals Under $1!?

How would you like to be able to put $100 worth of gas in your car for just $0.50 (and a few bids)? How about a brand new space heater for $0.43 for the chilly spring days after you’ve already shut off your furnace? Or perhaps you want to pamper yourself and have an at-home pedicure after soaking your tired feet in a Dr. Scholl’s foot bath that you won for just $0.74 (+ a few bids)?! I don’t know about you, but I would love to be able to do 72 loads of laundry with fresh smelling Tide detergent for under $0.20!
Check out these recent deals all of which ended under $1 and find out how you can win too!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.20.11These Tide Detergent Pods in Spring Meadow, 72 ct, sold for just $0.16.
DealDash bidders are winning great deals these days with some items closing with winning bid prices of less than $1.00! Of course each ending bid price is in addition to any bids that you place, so technically you may spend more than $1 on all of these items, but if you have free, or really cheap bids you could still save a lot of money!Screenshot 2015-03-19 11.25.58
This Honeywell Surround Heat Heater sold for $0.94 on 

Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.19.59
This Dr. Scholl’s Bubbling Toe Touch Foot Spa sold for $0.74! Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.20.01
This Nesco Jerky Xpress Food Dehydrator is a great way to make your one beef jerky, turkey jerky, or whatever you want to dehydrate. It recently sold at auction on DealDash for $0.44! Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.20.05
Tired of paying for gas? Now you won’t have to pay as much money for gas if you bid to win gas gift cards on DealDash. This auction for a $100 BP gift card recently sold for $0.50!
Screenshot 2015-03-19 12.20.15
What do you think? Would you bid to win on DealDash if you could get deals as good as these? Of course they’re not always going to be auctions that end for under $1, but there frequently are!
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