DealDash Tips: Wonder Why They Do That?

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Sometimes people do some strange things on DealDash. Have you ever wondered why they do that?

Bidding on DealDash is a fun and unique experience. One of the great things about DealDash is that there are very few rules, and you can bid pretty much however you want. Want to just bid a single bid on every item? Go ahead! Want to bid once a month but bid until you win, even if it’s double the amount of the price in bids? Sure, you can do that too. Everyone’s DealDash experience is different, and since there are so many different people using DealDash at one time you’re bound to come across some people that you have no idea why they would do certain things. Here are a few examples, from DealDash.

Why Would Someone Bid So Many Times?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Why do people overbid?” and there are a couple of different answers that make sense. One is that they are overbidding in in hopes that they don’t win, they are just bidding to get extra clock time and plan on doing a BIN (Buy It Now).

This is an especially common thing to happen when DealDash is doing one of their 2x or 3x multipliers and you are getting double or even triple the clock time while you are bidding. People who have bid up to the BIN price will often still stay in the auction if there are more than 3 or 4 people still participating. This way they can earn extra clock time and probably won’t win. However, anything is possible on DealDash, and it’s not completely unheard of for an auction with 5 people to end suddenly. So if you like to do this, beware, because you might actually win the item and end up overpaying due to the number of bids that you spent.

Another reason why you might see someone bidding way too many times on an item is that they have a lot of free bids saved up that they want to use. DealDash offers many ways to get free bids, both by bidding and by sending in pictures. Some people look at these free bids as “expendable”, and will overbid to get something that they are interested in.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Their BidBuddy?

Personally, I use my BidBuddy every time. However, there are some people who prefer to do single-click bids instead of using the BidBuddy. A reason that they might do this is that they want to appear mysterious or surprising to the other bidders. If you are watching an auction with 5 different BidBuddies battling it out, there is no surprise. They will take turns bidding until there is only 1 left, and they are the winner. Watching an auction that has people who are placing single-click bids are definitely more exciting!

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