Up-ing Your Game at DealDash

There is no better way to start the New Year than to make a resolution to be a better player at DealDash.  There are so many ways to “up your game” with the help of new features in place.  As well as being a better player, you will save money and time if you follow a few small steps.

The best way to up your game at DealDash is the good old fashioned way and that is to use your Bid Buddy. The Bid Buddy ensures you only use your “share” of bids, if you don’t use it and you just poke your bids in you double-bid, over-bid and waste money.  The Bid Buddy is so easy to set up, all you have to do is go to the individual auction click in the field “add bids”, put in the number of bids you believe will take to win the auction then sit back and relax, the last man bidding is the winner, all the while you are earning free bids from the Time As High Bidder Meter.

Another way to up your game is to bookmark the auctions you want to win, instead of going rogue, plan ahead!  You can look up to a day in advance for items you wish to win.  Click on the little white star in the upper right hand corner of an item, the star will turn yellow and you’ll know you have it marked.  Then the item will come to the top of your page and you can clearly see the items you want to win and avoid bidding on random items you don’t really want.  

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I used to try to win bid packs all the time, but then I figured out everyone wants to win the bid packs, so the problem is they are a crowded field and harder to win, suddenly you are out of bids and have nothing to show for it.  Remember though, no matter what you bid on, including bid packs,  if you don’t win it you can purchase it and get all your bids back.  So you could essentially buy you bid pack, get those bids and the bids you used to win it, so it’s a perpetual quest for bids.  Again, some players find that to be fun and exciting.  I prefer to go for merchandise because you have something and you can post to Facebook for free bids as bid packs are not permitted in that promotion.  

Hold your game close, by this I mean don’t share your strategy with the other players in you personal profile comment.  Right out of the gate you are telling your hand.  If your comment is “I’ll be back”  we know that, so when they come back watch carefully while they use up their bids and then you go back too.  This is a very popular strategy, so when auction wins are free they tend to go on longer and have more bidders.  Likewise, if their comment is something like “In it to BIN it” and they are bidding on a $14,000 item it is unlikely they are going to BIN it and they are just blowing smoke.   Use the comment to say something other than strategy, like “Hi!” or “From Atlanta!” 

Use the “Who’s At Their Limit” tab, it costs one bid, but that information is so useful and once you start using it, you’ll see why.  It’s great to know “so-n-so” is out of the field, he may have poked in one bid t an auction you bookmarked, now you’re thinking “I don’t want to battle this guy again” but if you check the list he might be gone and you have less to think about.  People reach their limit all the time, and if you up your game, you can too. 

Get caught up on who’s winning what on the “Winner’s List”, this information isn’t just for your enjoyment, although it is fun to read, it a wealth of information.  I call it, “what’s trending” I look to see WHO is bidding, WHAT that have won, and the PRICE they paid for it, if everyone is overbidding, it might not be a good time to dive in. Be smart!

Buy bids when they are on sale, watch the blogs and the Facebook page to see when they are selling bids of .12 cents, and buy in bulk.  Sit on your bids until your favorite items come on the market.  Don’t spread yourself too thin by bidding on too many items at once you are opening yourself for failure, they odd are more likely that you will miss something, or forget to go back, there are so many things that can go wrong when you bid on many items at once….the worst of all, running out of bids quickly,  bidding randomly and furiously only get’s you “bid crazy” and out of luck.  

Know who you are playing against.  Getting to know the competition takes time so watch auctions, yes just watch, you will learn the habits of people, see if they spread themselves too thin and gobble up bids.  You will also see who jumps, stomps and overbids. With  that in mind you can up your game. 

So, no matter who you are, you are on the same playing field as the other players and anyone can win an auction with thought, planning, conservation and a crafty nondescript comment and know the competition! 

Over time you will learn and develop your strategy and this is all part of the fun at DealDash. 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.