Get Away With DealDash!

There are so many reasons to get away this time of year, but the best of these are it’s just plain lousy outside!  It’s a great time to start planning you winter blues travel with DealDash.  They carry a wide variety of Luggage and you could fly off with the best of the best if you play your game right at DealDash!!

dd iron

It doesn’t stop at luggage, there are any number of item you could tuck into your suitcase to make your trip easier.  You can never go wrong with a small iron in your suitcase.  There are any number of irons on DealDash that could be won for only pennies!  Irons are a fun item to go for, everyone needs an iron and isn’t it great to win?! I won my first iron for .68 cents! That one only took a few bids and really whenever you win it feels good! There is no better sight than the fireworks that explode on your screen when you win!  If you keep it simple you will win often.

travel stroller

The other guy is just one prize closer to being at his limit and therefore gone.  If you have little ones you will need a stroller system, chances are you have one, but do you have one like this?  There is the jogger option and a car seat unit making this choice the most diversified.

travel cot

Let’s say you decide you used 100 bids and you’ve decided to go all the way on the item.  Well, all the way is only to retail.  There is a simple formula to figure out when to back out and BIN (Buy It Now) an item, Take the retail price and divide it by the cost of the bids and the result is the maximum number of bids you should use before you back out and BIN. For example, if your item costs $36 and  bids are .15 cents, the formula is 36.00 / .15 = 240. don’t use more than 240 bids because when you reach that point you own it.  Purchase the item and get 240 bids back to try for another item!  It’s a win win!

So, when you are ready to travel, whether it’s right next door or 1000 miles away DealDash has all the accessories you need to make your trip simpler and more pleasurable.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!