DealDash Secrets: 50% Off This Week!

It’s here! The Half Price in May Sale.  All this week at DealDash you will be winning the same way you always do at, but the difference being you will only pay 50% of the closing price on your wins.

This is a great opportunity to get even better deals.  You’ll want to keep a list of all the items you want to win and then during a sale like this, you seek out the item using the search bar.  Then, bookmark your item by clicking of the star in the right hand corner of the auction on the main page. Then,  set an alarm if you have to reminding you to join in the auction!  If it is a prize over a $200 value, the auction will most likely not end quickly, but that’s not a rule, many high ticket prizes close every day for just pennies.  There are many popular items which sell low regularly.  This is good to know when you are bidding on a budget.  Check the average selling price by opening an auction you are interested in, there is often a list of 9 or less past sales, the average is found by adding up the final prices and dividing by the number of items on the list. Here you will see if an item closes regularly for a few pennies or much higher.


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When you are bidding on a budget it makes good sense to only bid on items you really want. Often I see players playing only for bid packs and prizes they plan on exchanging for bids, that type of play does not really yield an item, it does however, perpetuate your game!  Exchanging an item for bids is easy at DealDash, simply put, if you win an item you don’t want, you can exchange it for bids to use toward another item.  The transfer amount depends on the item, but is usually between 50-100% of the retail value.  For example if the item is worth $220 and it’s 100%, you will get 220 bids back.  The popularity of the item has a lot to do with the amount of bids you receive.  They are deposited into your account immediately.

So, head on over to DealDash this week for the Half Price in May Sale and pick up a few really good deals.  You can win up to 9 prizes a week and it’s not difficult to do DealDash.

Monday through Thurs. May 9, 10, 11, 12 2016, bids will be between .13 and .15 cents.  Plus all prizes are 50% off the final closing price.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!