Free Bids 3x Faster, But What Does It Mean? is currently running a bid pack sale! All bids are currently just $0.16 each if you purchase a bid pack during this promotion. But not only are bids on sale, DealDash is offering you the chance to get 3x more bids free! Get three times as many free bids! Your time as highest bidder meter will fill up three times as fast during this bid sale. What does this mean? free 3 bids
DealDash’s Time As Highest Bidder Explained!
Earn Free Bids
When you are the highest bidder, in any auction, you will earn time towards your next level. When you reach a new level you will start to receive free bids. What’s even better is the more levels you reach, the more bids you get!
Look on the bottom of any page on – you’ll see a status meter on the very bottom, it’s to the right of your name and bid count and shows your current level and your time as the highest bidder.
You are the highest bidder every time you are the highest/unopposed bidder in an auction – the time you were the highest bidder gets calculated and is displayed next to the meter. The time in the countdown clock is the amount of time you need to reach the next level. When the Claim Bids button is activated you can click claim free bids which will be then placed in your account, then you will be bumped up to the next level.
So basically now, during this bid promotion, when you reach a new level you won’t just win a few free bids, you will get 3X the amount of bids that you would usually win!
Check out this helpful diagram from the very helpful Tactics & Tips page on
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