What Are Free Auction Wins on DealDash?

Right now DealDash is offering “free auction wins” during a weeklong free Christmas gift promotion. From time to time DealDash.com will offer free auctions, but are they really free, and what does it mean if an auction is free?
If you go to www.dealdash.com right now you will see the word free, both on ended an upcoming auctions. Notice on the ended auctions the final auction price. Which if you are not familiar with the way this entertainment/penny auction operates, the first item below – the iPad’s final end price would be $316.47. 31,647 bids were placed by all bidders in the auction for the iPad Air 2 128GB Wi-Fi. The final auction end price is determined by three factors:
1.) Each bid placed in an auction costs the bidder 1 bid from their bidding account and the auction price -increases by $0.01 with each bid placed. Bids are not free. They are purchased in bid packs and are $0.60 – unless there’s a bid pack sale.
2.) The final auction price is a culmination of bids that were placed by multiple bidders.
3.) The final end price is the price the winner would pay, in addition to bids already placed, to get the won item.
So – if it wasn’t for the current free auctions on DealDash this week the iPad Air’s end price $316.47 would be what winning bidder allegators3 has to pay in addition to bids already spent. Shipping is free!
free-dealdashYou can check out recently ended auctions on DealDash by going to DealDash.com/winners.
free auctions So, make sense? If an auction says it’s free the winner really didn’t get it for totally free of charge, unless the winner’s bids were all free. See how to get free bids on DealDash.com if you’re interested in finding out how to get free bids!
So it’s really a great deal if you can win an auction with just a few bids and then not have to pay the end price. Sometimes the end prices tack  on a bit more money to the cost of winning an auction!
Do you bid on DealDash? What will you be giving for gifts this Christmas?