Score Spooky Halloween Deals on DealDash

halloween-dealsHalloween 2014 is just three weeks away!
DealDash is gearing up for Halloween festivities, are you? Have any costume parties or kiddos that you plan to take trick-or-treating?
DealDash is currently offering bids at a discount – $0.18 each down from $0.60.
Plus, this week, all auction wins are 50% off – meaning the final auction end price will be slashed in half. So if you win an item that’s end price is $80 you will only pay $40 + bids!
DealDash can help you with your Halloween festivities!
The entertainment auction site is currently offering a number of Halloween costumes and decor to decorate your home and yard as well as discounts on costumes for men, women and kids.
What’s this penny auction, entertainment auction business you ask?
Penny auctions operate on a pay-to-bid for a chance to win basis. You purchase a bid pack of bids and once you see an auction you like that’s open for bidding you can place a bid. Bidding on penny auctions, unlike eBay and other traditional auctions, means that each bid you place could easily be canceled out with a new bid by someone else and each bid costs you money so bid wisely and be sure to use buy it now on an item if you want to get the bids you spent back into your account.
You will have to pay the auction’s stated buy it now price if you want to get it (if you aren’t able to win it!).
Take a look at recent & upcoming Halloween themed auctions:
Airblown Inflatables Sanrio Hello Kitty as Bat Halloween 3′ Decoration 

inflatables hello kitty halloween
Looking for an actual spooky inflatable? Hello Kitty is pretty cute and harmless… This haunted house/ghost inflatable is a tad bit bigger and more, well, ghoulish.
9′ Airblown Haunted Castle Archway Halloween Decoration: Buy it now for $111.
airblown haunted castle archway decor halloween deal
halloween cat
Love black cats and the classic Halloween jack-o-lantern? This 6-Ft Tall Airblown Inflatable Halloween Cat Over Jack-o-Lantern would be right up your alley! It recently sold on DealDash for only $5.66 – 50% thanks to this week’s bid promotion.
Do you celebrate Halloween? If you’re looking to save money before you check out your local Halloween superstore check out these Halloween deal auctions on DealDash!