DealDash Promotion Genius

DealDash Free Auction WinsHave you ever wondered how DealDash comes up with their promotion ideas? I have. If you have not been bidding on DealDash for a while then it may not seem as much fun. To someone like myself who has been bidding for nearly 2 years, I see what promotions are being offered and they are always unique and timely.
This last weekend auctions are free to the winner. This means that an auction may go for more than the card is worth, it could be a $25 card and sell for as much as $26.50 or more. The winner though only pays $.01 to check out their win. What a great offer to their bidders and to a new person, how fun to have to only pay a penny for your win.
On top of the free auction wins, DealDash is also offering the 3X your clock for free bids. Since the clock normally winds down by 10 seconds, it takes 6 bids to get one minute off your free bid clock. With the 3X offer, you get 30 seconds off the free bid clock for every bid you make. This is TRIPLE what you would normally get. What other penny auction sites do this? And, free auction wins too?
I think the creative people at DealDash do an excellent job of keeping bidders on the edge and always interested. The auction items are always something we want, like an iPad, iPhone, flat screen tv’s, and the gift cards are for restaurants and stores all over the USA. I have to give credit where it is due, this site really does do the best job in engaging everybody young and old in trying to win an auction. DealDash has free shipping too so you never pay any more for your auction win than the final price. Great site, great bidding, bids are often on sale, what more could a bidder want? Thanks, DealDash, this works for me!
By Joan Vith