DealDash Doesn't Let You Lose, Here's Why

Did you know that when DealDash’s founder William Wolfram set out to launch DealDash he was only 16 years old? Age really is nothing more than a number and now, 21, he’s proven himself to the penny auction community and the world. Having just won the Ernst & Young WEOY World Entrepreneur of the Year country award for his home country of Finland. What sets him apart? A lot of things. He gets things done, has great ideas and perseverance, plus he hires intelligent people to work with him on his dream.
Wondering what sets DealDash apart from all other penny auction sites?

  • DealDash’s buy it now sets them apart from all other entertainment and penny auction sites with the ability for “losing” bidders to buy an item and get all of the bids they placed in the auction back. Definitely a win! Plus, say you were bidding on an auction, didn’t win but wanted to buy it anyway, use buy it now and pay the stated retail buy it now price, get it shipped free and get all of the bids you placed in the auction back into your bidding account.
  • DealDash Bans Jumpers on Every Auction – Every auction on DealDash is a “No Jumper” auction. Meaning at $5.00 – when the final end price hits the $5.00 price point no new bidders who hadn’t previously placed a bid in the auction can bid.
  • DealDash has free shipping – always
  • DealDash partners with top retailers like Walmart to deliver you brand new and authentic items. Ranging from gift cards to big screen TVs and other electronics – backed by the manufacturer’s warranty and if shipped from Walmart you could return or exchange the item to the big box retailer if you have the receipt.
  • Bid sales make this site home of some of the lowest bid prices in the industry with bid sales bringing bids to around $0.15-0.17 a piece.
  • Patented bidding models and features unique to DealDash
  • “William had a strong conviction that his idea was far more fair to consumers than what existed in the marketplace.”
  • Without buy it now / bids back – bidders would lose a lot of money when they don’t win!

What do you like about DealDash and what would you improve on? Talk about it below!