Why Choose DealDash Over Other Penny Auctions?

DealDash is not the only online entertainment, “penny auction” online running auctions. Since penny auctions launched in the USA in 2008 there have been hundreds of different sites that have come and gone. DealDash has proven that they aren’t going away anytime soon like these fly-by-night penny auction sites, so what sets it apart and why should you choose DealDash.com over all others?
Well, let me tell you…
1.  DealDash’s Proven Track Record 
2. Sustainable – User Friendly Features
3. Fast Shipping
4. Huge Variety of Items
5. Excellent Customer Service
6. Bidder-conscious: No- jumpers, and no “stamping” auctions are allowed, unique bidder stats
7. Frequency of items
8. Cheap Bids 
DealDash has a proven track record. Since 2009, DealDash has consisently shipped and sold thousands of penny auction wins. They’re an established company with millions of dollars invested to keep providing a consistent service with chances to obtain everything you’d want for less than retail
DealDash is one of the few progressive players in the entertainment auction space. Since launching, they have done many things to improve the customer experience and to make bidding sustainable. DealDash’s Buy it Now option has allowed bidders to save money by getting 100% of bids refunded back into their bidding accounts by opting to buy an item at the stated retail price.
All items, either won in DealDash’s auctions or purchased with buy it now, are shipped quickly shortly after purchase.
Huge product variety – The variety of items offered by DealDash is HUGE. And there really are items that would appeal to everyone. With auctions of everything from household necessities (like toilet paper and cleaning supplies), to gift cards for restaurants, shopping and gas, toys, baby gear, small appliances, furniture, greenhouses, Dyson vacuums, KitchenAid mixers, coffee, snacks, steaks, laptops, Apple products, digital cameras, TVs and just about any electronic you could want and so much more on a daily basis.
No stamping or jumping allowed in DealDash’s auctions. Bids aren’t even accepted until the auction countdown clock is at 10 seconds or less. All auctions are “no jumper” auctions meaning if you see “No New Bidders” stamped over an item,  no one can come in late and bid after $5.00 if they haven’t already placed bids in the auction before the $5.00 auction price.
DealDash shows you more info on each bidder than other similar auction sites. When bidding info is displayed under each user’s name like when they joined and where they’re at as far as how close they are to their win limit. Each user can select an avatar and status message to personalize the bidding experience. Not only is there a wide variety of items, auctions run around the clock.
DealDash cares about their customers and it shows. They frequently call and e-mail users and ask for feedback on what they can do to provide an even better experience.
Saving money is important to you, not only are the auctions a great chance to save money: DealDash frequently has seasonal bid sales. The current Spring Bid Sale offers bids at 70% off with 180 bids for only $32.40 – $0.18 a bid! Most penny auctions bids range in price from $0.60-$1 a piece.
What are you waiting for? Try DealDash.com now and let us know what you think!