DealDash Blogs Make Good Sense

All of the DealDash Blogs are extremely helpful if you are looking for tips for winning at DealDash.  I found that every time I read one, I learn a little something, and every tip helps! I personally scour the DealDash Site for information on winning and there is a wealth of knowledge and it’s updated daily.

They post basic tips in Tips & Tactics on the DealDash Site, here they outline this simplest methods and strategies for winning.  Nothing is etched in stone, we are bidding and only one person can win.  So, what you want to do is increase your odds of winning by playing smart, but what you can’t factor is the human element.  That is the variable.

In Tips and Tactics  you will find information on conserving bids, using your Bid Buddy and bidding on a budget.  When I first came to DealDash a couple of years ago, I wanted to be a good player and it does take time to be what they call a “power player”, but what I did do is use the information I could find on the site.  This information can help you to not only be a good player, but to be a good sport too.  To this day, I don’t consider myself a “power bidder” because I won’t win at all costs, and I do bid on a budget.  It just makes sense.

You can use the Frequently Asked Question section to get more information, this section is more business and less commentary, it gives you the straight skinny!  Here you will find more detailed information about How The Auction Works, Bid Buddy, Troubleshooting and other important topics.

Whatever you do to be a better player will transfer to the site and other players, it really is more fun and we get better deals if everyone plays fair.  For example, I can’t stress enough how the Bid Buddy up’s your game.  I never miss an opportunity to use it, even if I’m only placing 3 bids!  Why? Because, if you don’t you could slip up, make a fraction of a second mistake and it will cost you the auction.  If you do use Bid Buddy, your in line and more likely to be the one who just beat the other guy with your 3 bids.  Placing random bids does not win as often as Bid Buddy, it’s that simple.  Use Bid Buddy!  Thank You:)

The best place to find the most current blog from DealDash is right on the site, on the main page there is a section at the bottom of the page with a list of recently published blogs with the most current posts.  There you will find who won the 1000 Free Bid weekly contest, and once in the blog there is links to other blogs.

Education is power and if you want to be a great player at DealDash, do a little homework and a lot of bidding, it’s fun to get a grip on the game and win frequently. It happens everyday, just check the winners list at DealDash and you’ll see all the winners and repeat winners.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!