Deals on Superfoods from Four Sigma Foods

As  seen in Vogue, The Telegraph, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bazaar, Fox News and more, Four Sigma Foods™ offers innovative superfoods derived from herbs and mushrooms. Did you know that mushrooms share about 40% of our DNA? Four Sigma Foods harnesses the power of mushrooms and offers it in convenient, fast food pouches to be added with water.
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DealDash currently features three products from Four Sigma Foods, a pack of 5 boxes of ten herb sachets, “Mind,” “Sport” and a box of Instant Shiitake tea. The sachets that can be easily opened and poured into a glass or water bottle.

“Our mission is to democratize mushrooms. We see immunological issues ‘along with hormonal and digestive problems’ as the key thing to solve in order to help people live healthier.”

Four Sigma Foods is an American company founded by a few bright Finnish guys. They firmly believe that nature has the solution to optimal health. Most of the natural foods on the market today are ineffective or inconvenient, they’ve offered a solution to this problem: Fast superfoods in convenient sachets that just need to be added to water. Why mushrooms? They claim that fungi and bacteria are key elements of a healthy diet.

four herbs
 “Top 3 Benefits of Mind Hebs
  1. Improves memory and learning function
  2. Creates calm, relaxed concentration
  3. Restores balance and reduces stress

Combining Eleuthero, Gotu kola, Goji berries and Ahwagandha, this delicately bittersweet, earthy tasting adaptogen herbal blend is chock full of benefits, as well as balancing and calming properties. Use this all-killer, no-filler blend to provide a boost when you need to perform a mental task at full capacity and calm anxiety when faced with stressful situations. Unlike stimulants, adaptogens don’t overstimulate, they rejuvenate, so load up and realize your cognitive potential!”
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sport herbs

“Top 3 Benefits of Sport Herbs

  1. Increases stamina and recovery response
  2. Prevents exhaustion
  3. Balances nervous system

Who knew the right combination of just 4 adaptogen herbs could bring about such physical prowess? The Russians did. Now we do too, and soon so will you. Schisandra, Goji berries, Rhodiola and Eluethero are brought together in the form of a complex yet tasty powder to increase strength, boost energy, as well as prevent oxidation damage and fatigue during and after workouts. Ditch the synthetics and get the real deal in our Sports Herbs blend. Your Qi and your rockin’ body will thank you.”
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Four Sigma Foods™ – Instant Shiitake – 20 Herbal Mushroom Tea Bags
Did you know that for thousands of years in Asia shiitake has been used to heal the skin, support the liver, enliven the blood and boost Qi (life force). It’s a great, natural way to detox. This tea also includes . Schisandra berry, the #1 beauty herb in Asia, and dandelion to detoxify and support the skin.   Natural vitamin C from rose hip multiplies the bioavailability of all the active components.
“Each Instant Shiitake sachet contains 1500 mg of strong shiitake extract. Note that we don’t only powder the mushrooms, but process them properly to ensure the effectiveness. The mushrooms have been extracted in both hot water and alcohol for all the beneficial compounds to become bioavailable.”
The final extraction is standardised to contain 30% polysaccharide content. We then combine the spray dried extract powder with natural and pure herbs, schisandra (900 mg), dandelion and rose hip.Shiitake mushroom, the active ingredient in Instant Shiitake, is a true beauty food.”
Sounds good, right?
Top 3 Benefits of Shiitake

  1. Nurtures skin and beauty
  2. Supports the liver
  3. Detoxifies blood

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The Shiitake tea is valued at $35 for a box of 20 tea bags and the Mind and Sport boxes are worth $100.  ! Be sure to bid on the Shiitake tea and superfoods pouches from Four Sigma Foods on DealDash to save! The last box sold for just $0.01 – 1 bid! The box of Mind herbs sold for $0.87, and the Sport box sold for just $0.29.