How to Make Your Own French Fries for Less!

If you love french fries but haven’t made them at home yet you’re definitely missing out!
Did you know that you can make french fries at home and use healthier ingredients than your local fast food restaurant? First be sure to bid on this upcoming Heavy Duty French Fry slicer on You can use any kind of potato or root vegetable that you would like. Sweet potato fries your favorite? Use sweet potatoes too!
This french fry slicer easily cuts potatoes up to 6 inch long into 3/8 inch french fries. Can be mounted to any flat surface. Heavy-duty cast-iron body with stainless steel components. Disassembles for quick & easy clean-up and is equipped with stainless steel blades.
Of course you can cut your own fries, but this french fry slicer will do it all for you and slice perfectly symmetrical fries every  time. Next, if you want healthier french fries just line a baking sheet (DealDash sells these too!) with aluminum foil, bakewarespray with olive oil and line up fries, top with your favorite seasonings and bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. If you would like to make your own deep fried, fresh cut french fries you can bid and win a brand new Hamilton Beach deep fryer on DealDash too! deep fryer
Now that you know where to find the tools to make your own french fries you need to learn how to make delicious dipping sauces. Here are a few great recipes!
Kickin’ Sriracha or Tabasco French Sauce
-2T Mayo
-Squirt of Chipotle Tabasco sauce or Sriracha
-Mix together, dip fresh cooked fries and enjoy!
Cilantro Lime Zest Sauec
-Chop up cilantro
-Squeeze a fresh lime
-Dip in fries and enjoy! If you don’t feel like making fries at home you can also win gift cards to your favorite fast food joints on! Check it out and check out upcoming ‘french fry’ auctions today!