Why Shoppers Love DealDash

By Barbara

I’ve said it before–Winning is not everything on DealDash.com because that is not the only benefit and/or reason shoppers love DealDash.com.

Other than getting great bargains or buying quality products, here are some other reasons we love shopping on DealDash:


Stores seldom have enough electronic mobile smart carts to go around for senior citizens and/or physically challenged customers who need them to get around. Therefore, shopping from the comfort of home is a huge benefit. Customers do not have to wait for a mobile cart to become available. Shopping from home also means no parking hassles, no crowds to fight and saves gas. Most of all, shopping on DealDash means having packages delivered to our front door, postage free. Now that’s convenient!

Fun and entertainment

Let’s face it. Shopping in stores can be rather boring. In fact, trying to find the products we want in stores often feels more like work. Shopping on DealDash takes the work out of shopping and makes it fun and entertaining instead. We can quickly find what we want and then have fun while trying to win a bargain. If we do not win a bargain, all we have to do is buy-it-now at retail, get all our bids back free and the products we were shopping for will be delivered to our front door, postage free. Then we can use those same bids to play in another auction. How fun is that?

Discover New Products

DealDash customers are often introduced to new products. Many times I see new, unique products for the first time on DealDash that I never before saw in local department stores. I never know what new product I might discover next.

Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                          Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.