Stop Throwing Away Valuable Bids and Follow These Tips!

6076007437_5edb85883f_zYou want to win, and once you start winning you will want to win more! But to win more you need to pay attention to how much money you are spending on bids!
Follow these 6 bidding tips to be a better bidder on DealDash!

  • Use buy it now!

If you don’t win an item did you know that on DealDash you can buy an item with DealDash’s “Buy it now” and get all of your bids back!? Of course you will be paying for both the bids you placed and the item, but the item will be shipped to your door with free shipping and you will get the item. Plus you will also get the bids back to use them to try and win another item.

  • As a Beginner – Bid on items you actually need!

Bid on items you really need. Like gas gift cards. If you drive you will need gas, so what better way to test your skills and get used to bidding than to bid on gas gift cards! If you don’t win, use buy it now and get the gas gift card. Money you already spend on a weekly/daily basis!

  • Watch the auctions first!

As a new bidder make sure you get a feel for how the site works before you actually start bidding! Watch auctions, click on the “Winners” tab and take a look at the users who are winning. Check and see how many wins they have won and how long they have been on the site. This is good to observe when you are bidding too. The win limit status is posted right next to the bidder’s name as they bid.

  • Keep track of your bids!

Pay attention to how much money you are spending and be sure to budget yourself. Set aside $x each month that you are comfortable to play with for bids and be ok with losing if you don’t win!
Do you have any great bidding tips for DealDash? Tell us about it in the comments below!