Fisher-Price your trusted toymaker

Fisher-Price is a company that benefits from years of success as a toymaker and a trusted brand to consumers. The one thing that gives you a feeling of nostalgia no matter your age is looking through your old toy box. For some people, it’s their cuddly teddy bear for others, it is their old train set. Regardless of their favorite item, every adult used to be a child. That’s why when consumers grow up to be parents, they choose toys for their own kids that ring true to their past.

Since 1993, Fisher-Price has been a subsidiary of Mattell, but has been making toys since the early 1930s. They are also an American company and based in East Aurora, New York. As expected from a company with so many years in business, Fisher-Price has a vast line of products under their company’s umbrella. More than 5000 different toys have been out on the market since their start. You can find six categories on Fisher-Price; babygear, baby toys, playsets & action figures, learning toys, dollhouses & dolls and lastly vehicles & ride-ons. Moreover, they also feature brands such as Laugh & Learn, Little People and Disney to name a few, so this means you will be spoiled for choice.
One of most well-known lines from Fisher-Price is their Little People toys. Little People toys used to be made of wooden-peg style character, but now are made from molded plastic – and the toys range from people and animal figures to sets such as home, farm, and more. Other toys that are commonly associated with the Fisher-Price name are Power Wheels, View-Master, Rescue Heroes, Roc-a-Street and more. In addition to that you can also find, Sesame Street, Barney, and Dora the Explorer toys on Fisher-Price.
If you’re in the market to put an extra twinkle in a child’s eye, investing in Fisher-Price toys is a great choice. Toys, can be pricey  but you can always find great deals on DealDash.