Classic DealDash Tips for Bidders

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The DealDash Tips Blog is known for having the best “up to the minute” tips and information. However, these classic tips are still relevant to your bidding.

There are certain tips and tricks that are used on DealDash that will never go out of style. This article is going to go over just a few of the great classic tips that made this blog your number one source for DealDash information. Let’s get to the information!

BidBuddy – A Classic Favorite

Brand new bidders on DealDash are commonly a little bewildered with the BidBuddy. They might opt out if they have not read through the blog posts to know how he works or tried out the tutorial to get a chance to use him. No matter how many new tips you might hear about, the BidBuddy is your # 1 tool to help you win DealDash auctions.

The BidBuddy is on each and every single auction that’s held on DealDash, and he is cost-free for every person to use. Not knowing exactly how to use the BidBuddy is typical in the beginning, but you can abide by these simple instructions and you’ll be bidding in a snap.

Using the BidBuddy is easy, First, choose an auction. Next, find the box in the auction that says “Book a BidBuddy”. Then, you’ll need to type in the number of bids you are willing to spend on this auction. Finally, hit Enter. That’s it!

Buy It Now, Important for All Bidders

Another classic tip that you don’t want to forget is if a bidder decides that they want to stop bidding, then they can do a BIN. They will receive each of the bids back that they placed on that particular auction. This is such an advantage when you choose to do a “Buy It Now” (BIN) the item. This is a giant benefit to using DealDash instead of bidding anywhere else. On DealDash, you can do a BIN on any items that you have bid on. Remember this tip, and take the apprehension out of bidding.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

When you are trying to decide if you should do your shopping on DealDash or elsewhere, you should remember this important tip about DealDash. Not only will you get a great product and price, DealDash additionally provides FREE shipping on each and every single product. This is regardless of if you won it or did a Buy It Now. On DealDash, every single item regardless how large or tiny is shipped free of charge. That’s a substantial advantage for carrying out your purchasing on DealDash.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

What’s new on DealDash this week? Check out the auctions, then use these classic tips and fill up your BidBuddy. Think about how to use the classic tips to have your best bidding session on DealDash. Using these tips will help you!

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